Friday, February 22, 2008

yeah . . . i get to scrap tonight!!

i am sooo excited! i am meeting one of my friends at the lss to scrap tonight! can't wait! spent the day looking at challenges i need to complete and planning my layouts. i only hope my friend doesn't faint when i walk in since i am only taking my rolling bag and that's it! (i know . . . can you believe it?!?!?!?) when i was planning my layouts, i used sketches from pencil lines, sketch this, and 52 weeks . . . 52 sketches. oh . . . and the bos challenge on twopeas. i just love doing sketch challenges . . . i get a lot done faster and it makes it so easy to plan and take only what you need! hopefully i will have a bunch of layouts to post tomorrow morning.

i have made a huge scrapping decision . . . i'm going hybrid. there are so many awesome digital embellishments out there that i would love to use. however . . . there is NO way i can ever give up my total addiction to paper! (wow . . . just realized that i have many "drugs" of choice when it comes to scrapping . . . paper, stamps, chipboard, ink, rub-ons . . . yikes . . . it's worse than i thought! good thing i'm attending a meeting tonight! LOL!)

i couldn't sleep last night, so i was cruising twopeas' digital section. found out that i can upload embellies and open them in word to use. this is cool cuz i can print the embellie on a transperancy and use it on my layout. i can't wait! guess that means i need to get a working printer soon :o i also found a free photo editing program . . . GIMP. i uploaded it and tried playing with it a little. think i need to read the manual first . . . ugh!

k . . . i need to finish getting my stuff together so i can leave when richard gets home. have a happy friday night . . . and go create something!