Monday, February 18, 2008

i finally did it . . .

i have been avoiding it for a very long time . . . but i can't any longer. i have given in to the blog trend. it seems to me a much better way to share my love of scrapbooking and the layouts i create. so here it is . . . . SCRAPAHOLICS ANON!

since i have been off the past two weeks, i have been busy trying to organize my scraproom. it is still in the works . . . and quite messy. i am very proud of what i have done so far!

i purchased a rolling file cart and legal sized folders to store my paper. all of my cardstock and patterned paper is now stored in here. it makes it so much easier to use. unfortunately, one wasn't enough, so i will need to buy another cart and some more folders to store the rest of the paper. this is also where i keep my cricut mats and large cutting mats. i made the 12x12 folders. the tabs were created using scraps i had left and my new cricut cartridge, fabulous finds!

here is a link to make our own 12x12 file folders using legal sized folders. it was very easy!

ok . . . so how many times have you searched through tons of separate bags of chipboard letters only to find that you are all out of the letter "a"? i came up with the perfect solution . . . thank to some people on twopeasinabucket! i now have all of my chipboard alphabets stored by letter in 3 photo storage boxes. i made cardstock boxes to store each letter in using an index card box as a template. for some reason i had 26 sheets of this cardstock on hand, so it was much cheaper to make them than to buy 26 index card boxes at $1 each. the tabs were made with the fabulous finds cricut cartridge.

my next project was to organize all of those little scraps of paper i have been saving for 8 years in various plastic shopping bags . . .and not using! i bought four 3-drawer sterlite units from big lots for $3 each. i now have all of my scraps organized by color and . . . surprise, surprise . . . am actually using it! (hope you were sitting down for that little tidbit! LOL!)

since richard bought me a cricut and some cartridges for christmas and valentine's day, i needed to come up with a way to make my cartridges more portable. i didn't want to carry around the big boxes they come in. i found a post on twopeasinabucket for a storage container made by snap-n-stack. i couldn't find the exact one she used but i did find this one at joann's that was originally meant for storing ribbon. my name on the front was made with the all mixed up cartridge. the pink dividers on the inside were created with the fabulous finds cartridge. i mounted the paper on chipboard to make it a little sturdier. behind each divider is a book and keyboard. the cartridges are kept in the bottom snap-off section of the container. i need to figure out a way to keep the cartridges in place . . . probably a piece of chipboard with velcro so that i can stack another layer on top!

all of the credit for my next project goes to my awesome rockin' boyfriend, richard! i kept showing him different posts about homemade versions of the clip it up. i knew the clip it up was perfect for me to store all of my embellies, but i couldn't figure out how i wanted to do it. so one day, he walks around ikea with the sole purpose of trying to find the perfect clip it up for me.
this is an antonius clothes drying rack from ikea. it hangs from the ceiling on a pulley system and can be moved up and down. (exceptionally nice for those lazy days when you don't wanna get out of the chair!) i used silver binder rings and silver binder clips to attach my embellies to the rack. it is nowhere near full right now . . . silly me forgot to buy enough binder clips and rings. i will post more pictures when i have filled it up! don't i have the most awesome bf?!?!?!?

ok . . . i have now spent far too much time creating this blog and not enough time scrapping. off to scrap now! will post layouts later! (i promise my posts won't be so long next time! :)