Thursday, February 21, 2008

busy days!

yesterday and today were busy, busy days! spent most of the time running errands yesterday and cleaning house today . . . ewwwwwwwwwwwww! i did manage to make it into a scrapbook store for the first time in ages. i was sooooo overwhelmed with all of the new stuff! green tangerine in rocklin is the rockinest scrap store. i love the way they have their stuff organized and they have such awesome products there! i spent far too long in there . . . and far too much money as well. plan to work on a project tomorrow night using the product i bought.

today my honey did something i never would have expected from him. he bought me 2 dozen red roses. granted . . . he did it to get out of the dog house . . . but it was still so very sweet. he had told me when i first met him that he doesn't ever buy flowers and to never expect them. that was fine with me. i was floored when he humbly walked in the door with them today. i love ya babe!!!

haven't had time to scrap or organize my room for the past two days so nothing new to post. am going to a crop at scrapbook station tomorrow so i hope to have some stuff to post on saturday.

not much else to say . . . and it's time to watch idol . . . so i'm outta here! go create something!