Saturday, June 14, 2008

WOW . . ..

has it really been over 3 months since my last post?!?!?!?!? guess i'm not too good at this blogging stuff.

i started my blog when i was off track back in february. once school started again, i didn't have much time or energy to get back on here. i promise that once school starts again next month that i will be a little better at this.

i will play a little catch up on my life the past 3 months . . . i went to scrap camp in april at a rockin' camp in weimar, ca that is hosted by rose of scrap it in cameron park. this is the 3rd year that linda and i have gone . . . and i won't be the last. this year, stace drove up from socal. we had a blast. got a lot of pages done . . . thank god for sketches!!!!! :-) oh . . . i almost forgot . . . when i was there, i won the coolest prize!! it is a rolling tote by mackinac moon. i already had rolling tote for my scrap supplies . . . so i wasn't too excited. but then i remembered something . . . i don't have anything to store my cricut in. guess what . . . my circut fits in there perfect!!!! there is even room for me to put my cartridge storage case on top. the tote came with a shoulder tote and a zippered pen and emellie binder too! SCORE!!!

mackinac moon rolling tote

  • thanx rose!!!

  • have cropped a few times at scrapbook station in roseville. also took a class there for an acrylic album. it was fun! i haven't finished it yet, but will post picks when i do!.

    school ended on may 30 . . . just in time . . . dunno if i could have handled that class much longer. right now . . . i am just enjoying my summer . . . scrapping, reading, subbing a few days, and being lazy.

    my sweet friend, carl, had open heart surgery two weeks ago. it was sooooo scary. i don't know anyone who is in better shape than he was. he is recovering well and back to his old self. the doctor told him that once he was completely healed he would have a lot more energy . . . god help us! LOL!!

    i am hosting my first close to my heart party on the 21st at my house. this will be the first time any of my friends have been out to my house in plumas lake. i am really excited! i got to meet the CTMH consultant on friday and see her craft room. i am sooooooooooooo jealous!!

    patrick is here visiting for the past week. he has to head back to fresno tomorrow, so we celebrated father's day today with richard's dad. the boys had a blast swimming and eating. it was nice to relax and have some adults to interact with! here are the cards i made for richard and his dad. richard's is the one with the golf bag on it. the golf embellies are made by just jinger. the epoxy stickers are ek sticko. these aren't originals . . . inspiration came from another blog . . . but i can't remember which one and can't find it again. thanx for the inspiration whoever you are! {if for some really strange reason you created the originals for these cards and you happen to find my blog . . . please let me know so i can give you the proper credit!}

    father's day cards
    by {pam}

  • inspiration from an unknown blog

  • this morning . . . for some unknown reason . . . i got a wild hair and decided that it was time to convert all of my rubber stamps to unmounted stamps so i can store them in CD cases. i am about half way through removing them from the blocks. need to get some goo gone to remove some of the remaining stickness. also need aleene's tack it over and over so i can use them with my acrylic block. i can't wait to see how much more room i have when i am finished. i will post before and after pics once i have finished.

    well . . . i don't want to ramble on . . . and i could since it has been forever! off to clean my scrap room and finish my rubber stamp project. have a happy father's day everyone!