Thursday, June 26, 2008

winner . . . winner . . . chicken dinner . . .

who let the dogs out? the fresno state bulldogs did to become the 2008 ncaa national champions in baseball! go dogs!!! ::insert deep masculine sports victory voice:: lol!!!

seriously tho . . . i'm not a sports fan . . . never have been. i tolerate sports because the love of my life is a major sports fan. to top it off . . . richard is from fresno! it really wasn't so bad tho . . . the bulldogs were the cinderella team . . . the lowest seed in any sport to win an NCAA championship. it was totally awesome to watch them win the super regionals and keep going through to the last game of the college world series! the bulldogs were awesome! they made some amazing plays and always came back strong from a loss! those boys so totally deserve the title of national champions!!!

fresno state bulldogs
from underdogs to wonderdogs

oh . . . i'm a winner too!!! my victory isn't as huge as the bulldogs . . . but it's big for me. i won the ebay bidding war for the large bed scanner i want. it is a brand new scanner that you can normally buy for around $170! how much did i pay . . . you ask! are you sitting down??? i paid a whopping $46 (including shipping)! i know . . . rockin' huh?!?!?!?! no more stitching my layouts together. i sooooo can't wait!!!

well . . . i have no plans for the day . . . it is 10:33 AM . . . so i am off to my scrap room. will post later . . . if i manage to finish anything! hehehehe!!! ciao for now!